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Infinity Financial Mortgage Corporation

17505 N 79th Ave, St #310

Glendale, AZ 85308

Infinity Financial Mortgage Corporation was founded in 2018 by a local licensed Loan Originator. Our goal is to provide more Mortgage Options with less costs than the current market was offering. We do this by signing up with true Wholesale Mortgage Lenders, and not the big banks with the higher rates and fees.

Our mission is to provide our borrowers with 3 very simple things:

  • On Time Closings
  • Anticipated Costs accurately presented 3 days upon Loan Application
  • Clear Communication throughout the entire loan process

We believe that a buyer should always have someone accessible during the loan process, because we understand what buyers and sellers are going through during these big transactions. We accomplish this with our systems that we’ve set up, and we believe in relationships and not transactions. Before opening Infinity Financial Mortgage Corporation, I was a Loan Originator for a great locally owned banker, CNN Mortgage. When I was at CNN Mortgage, I was nominated, selected and interviewed for a magazine article in Top Agent Magazine.

Infinity Financial Mortgage Corporation would love to hear from you.